ArtisRing - Yarn Tension Reduce Ring
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Reduce burns by keeping yarn off the finger while pulling

Crocheting for extended periods of time can often lead to the yarn burning the skin as it crosses over the finger

Our ring is designed to take all the pressure off the finger, keep the yarn in place and provide a comfortable and seamless crocheting experience

Keep yarn in perfect tension, enabling longer and faster crocheting

We usually have to constantly adjust the yarn tension while crocheting, which slows us down

Our crochet rings are made specifically to maintain consistent yarn tension, enabling people to crochet more quickly and effectively

One size fits all - adjustable to fit all fingers

The ring is slightly open, allowing users to easily slide it over a finger; it's simple to put on and take off

The adjustable design makes it suited for most people's fingers; it's adjusted to the size based on the fingers

Made of alloy material, lightweight and comfortable

It's strudy and solid, resistant to corrosion and rust. Inside is very smooth, no burrs to catch the yarn

With 11 designs to choose from


  1. Material: Alloy
  2. Size: One size fits all
  3. Designs: total of 11 designs


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Kaci L.
checkVerified Buyer
Very good
Very good
I have found this ring a godsend as earlier this year I cut my index finger on my left hand off at the first knuckle and found it very difficult to crochet.

Enola V.
checkVerified Buyer
They help keep steady tension on your yarn when you are crocheting. I find myself picking up speed too. Love it so much. Thank you!

Tyrese H.
checkVerified Buyer
Better than what i expected
Better than what i expected
These rings exceeded all my expectations, they are pretty and functional. Keeps my yarn in perfect tension so I can crochet longer and faster. Highly recommend
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